IOS Apps for Fever

One of the potential replacements for Google Reader is Shaun Inman’s Fever. Until recently, the biggest knock on Fever1 was that there was no good iPad interface for it. That is no longer the case:

  • Sunstroke2, the first iOS app for Fever, and just updated.3

  • Ashes, my preferred Fever iOS client.

  • Mr. Reader, just added sync with Fever.

I cannot imagine this would have happened if Google Reader was not shutting down in a few days.

  1. Other than the fact you need to have a server to install it on. 

  2. Affiliate Link, as are the other app links in this post. 

  3. Gabe at MacDrifter says that Sunstroke is by far the best way to read Fever on iOS.. I disagree. I find Sunstroke’s sync time–which I would probably have to measure in minutes instead of seconds–to be unbearable.