→ Anecdotal Evidence on ObamaCare

Marco Arment uses anecdotal evidence as a lead in to his predictions as to the future of America’s healthcare system. I hope that we will soon be able to add “healthcare” to the list of wrong predictions he has made recently1.

I can provide a counter anecdote to the one Mr. Arment cites: I believe that if Obamacare was in place 14 years ago, my mother might not be alive today. Furthermore, if the so-called public option or universal payer system was in place, my mother almost certainly would not be alive. The medical system, pre-Obamacare, allowed her to have surgery only a few days after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. That type of turn around is far below the mean wait time in places like Canada that have a universal payer system. If my mother would have had to wait 14 weeks to get her surgery, she probably would not have survived.

The obvious response to that anecdote is that my mother must have “good” health insurance. That is true. It is not, however, some kind of “magical” health insurance that is impossible to receive. It is the health insurance that public school teachers get in the state of Maine.

  1. The list includes Textmate 2 post-open-source and whether or not App.net would get funded. Neither one of these has the potential to impact lives as much as the charliefoxtrot that is Obamacare.