→ People were happy in the 90s right?

President Obama is turning to former President Clinton to try and help get people excited about President Obama’s re-election. As National Review points out, there are major differences between President Obama’s term and President Clinton’s term:

Clinton bucked most House Democrats to liberalize trade. He signed Republican bills to reform welfare, restrain spending, and cut taxes on investment. Obama has done none of these things. He has weakened welfare reform by telling states that the administration will waive work requirements. He has greatly increased spending. He has raised taxes on investment and wants to raise them more. Obama is no Bill Clinton: good news for the first lady, not so much for the rest of us.

Of course, both men agree the best way to help the economy is to raise taxes on small businesses and job creators1. Such tax raises in these economic times are especially problematic:

The argument for Clintonomics was that raising taxes would lower the deficit, a lower deficit would bring down interest rates, and lower interest rates would bring economic growth. It didn’t actually work that way in the ’90s: Interest rates fell only when Republicans took control of Congress. The logic is in any case inapplicable now, because interest rates are already very low.

On the bright side, the NFL starts tonight so I can guarantee that I will not be subjected to any of the DNC.

  1. They would say they want to raise taxes on “wealthy” Americans, though that statement ignores the realities of the way business owners are taxed.