→ Ben Brooks throws down the App.net Gauntlet

If you want App.net to succeed, that is if you are morally or otherwise opposed to what Twitter is doing with its API, then why are you still actively or otherwise using Twitter?

Ben Brooks has gone “all in”1 on App.net2 and is urging people to follow his lead. I have tried to take the leap, but I have only managed to shift about 60-70% of my “tweetposts” to App.net. There are still too many people on Twitter that I want to interact with that are not on App.net.3

  1. Wait, the current buzz phrase is “double down” not “all in,” right? Maybe I should change that. 

  2. As a side note, I think it is time that the App.net alpha, and possibly App.net itself, get a better name. This week’s Talk Show convinced me. 

  3. Also, I admit that it is kind of a bummer to go from 450 followers on Twitter down to 4 on App.net.