Black Friday Sale at Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck in Customs

Trey Ratcliff’s [Stuck in Customs store]( is offering a 35% off Black Friday sale.[^ff] Some items I am considering picking up are:

* [Discover Art of Photography](;
* [Organize the Your Photos – a 3 Level System](; and, of course,
* Trey’s [Complete HDR Tutorial](

[^ff]: Using my affiliate inks will give you an extra 5% off.


Trey Ratcliff’s Updated Camera Recommendations

Trey recently shifted to Sony. As someone who has followed his career closely for years, I am going to have to consider following in his footsteps.

Law Photography

Trey Ratcliff on Why He Doesn’t Use Watermarks

One of his reasons stands out to me:

> We do register our images with the copyright office, so if someone uses an image commercially without a proper license, it is an easy lawsuit. Easy. We’ve had many many wins (often which happen even before you go to court), but we can’t talk about them because it’s always in the paperwork. But there are many online articles you can find out about our lawsuits… everyone from Time magazine to the Sydney Newspapers.

Keep that in mind when you are trying to decide whether or not to slap some awful watermark on your photos.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: DISCLAIMER: This post may contain some discussion about legal issues, but (1) it is not legal advice, (2) it does not establish an attorney-client relationship, and (3) it is not advertising for legal services. The full disclaimer can be found on the [Disclaimer Page](