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→ Thomas Hawk on Compares Terms of Service

This might come as a surprise1, but Thomas’ analysis makes it sound like Google might be the most protective of photographer’s rights:

Google+’s TOS tends to provide photographers greater protection with a provision that your content there can be used for the “limited purpose of operating, promoting and improving our services, and to develop new ones.” Nothing about selling off your photos to third parties there, folks.

I am going to have to dig into these before I make my decision on what my “new Instagram” will be.

  1. A surprise because of Google’s reputation regarding privacy. 

→ Do not Wait for a Dataloss to Backup Your Data

Thomas Hawk points out the need for a solid backup strategy:

Mat Honan was hacked yesterday and apparently lost more than a year’s worth of his photos. Like Mat, I too have lost photos in the past. If you shoot enough it’s almost inevitable, unless you are very, very meticulous about your backup strategy.

Marco Arment wrote something similar today too. The thrust of both articles: backup your data in at least two places. As Alex Lindsay says “If data does not exist in at least three places, one of them offsite, it doesn’t exist.”