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→ Matt Alexander visits a Microsoft Store

His experience is very similar to mine1.

  1. Which saves me some typing. 

Hot in Fever – Marco Arment’s Trip to a Microsoft Store

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Marco Arment’s Trip to a Microsoft Store

Marco Arment details his trip to the Microsoft Store to check out the new Microsoft Surface.

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→ Microsoft Surface Pricing Announced

$499 for the 32GB model but it comes without one of their “Touch Covers” for typing. It costs $100 to get a black Touch Cover, and $120 to get one in a variety of colors.

→ Acer CEO Warns Microsoft to “Think Twice” about Surface

Acer CEO and chairman JT Wang has revealed his own feelings about Microsoft’s foray into PC hardware. Speaking to the Financial Times, Wang criticizes Microsoft’s choice to manufacture its own Surface tablet hardware — warning the company to think it over. “Think twice,” he says. “It will create a huge negative impact for the ecosystem and other brands may take a negative reaction. It is not something you are good at so please think twice.”

You have a nice business there Microsoft. Hate to see something bad happen to it.

Microsoft Surface (No, not that one)

Earlier today, Microsoft announced their new tablet PC called the Surface (not to be confused with the original Microsoft Surface.) Andy Ihnatko has already posted a solid writeup of the event:

Still, I’m optimistic. I saw nothing in Monday’s event that made me suspicious or skeptical (he said, checking to make sure he’s already noted all of the details that Microsoft left out of the presentation).

This reaction comes mostly from the fact that Microsoft seems to have built a tablet that works the way that I use my iPad. I most certainly do not use it as a content consumption device: I use it as an ultraportable PC. I walk around with a big external keyboard and I keep looking for apps that deliver the power of a desktop app.

It’s for a similar reason that bet I am going to see a lot of “technology savy” lawyers starting to sing the praises of this new tablet as the tablet to get instead of the iPad, especially if it allows for Microsoft Office document manipulation on the go.