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→ Elyssa’s Definitive WDW Land Rankings

Elyssa weighs in on the debate from Mighty Men of Mouse Ep. 26 about ranking WDW Lands.

→ John and Elyssa’s Favorites – Breakfast at Walt Disney World

This is the first in our John and Elyssa’s Favorites series. We started the series with how you should start the day: Breakfast!

→ Rope Drop [dot] Net Interview – Dutch Lombrowski

I was so happy that Dutch said yes to doing an interview with me for the new site. As you would probably guess, it came out amazing.

→ Welcome to Rope Drop [dot] Net

Here’s the explanation of what Elyssa and I are trying to do with Rope Drop [dot] Net.

→ I launched a Disney Website: Rope Drop [dot] Net

Earlier today, Elyssa and I released a new Disney website Rope Drop [dot] Net. It’s going to be the home to a lot of our Disney related opinions and information. Please check it out and let me know what you think!