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→ The Verge’s Roku 3 review

David Pierce writing at The Verge:

It’s the best, most versatile, and most usable set-top box on the market, and buying it is a no-brainer. It was for me, anyway – mine’s on its way to me as I write this.

I still have an original Roku and I still use it all the time. At this point, I would recommend it ahead of an AppleTV.

→ Roku 3 Announced

Yes, the AppleTV allows you to access iTunes content, but for everything else, the Roku is emerging as the best streaming device for your television.

→ Time Warner’s new Roku app turns your streaming device into a cable box

As I was saying, Roku just keeps improving their product. Also, a thumbs up to Time Warner Cable for allowing its offerings to be viewed on a third party streaming box. I hope this is just the first step in Time Warner Cable expanding to various other set-top boxes1

  1. Of course, I am hoping for an Apple created set-top box that integrates my iTunes library and replaces my current Time Warner Cable DVR. 

→ Amazon Cloud Player Coming to Roku

Amazon continues its push for ubiquity.