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→ Pacific Rim now Available on iTunes

Pacific Rim1 was one of my favorite movies of the summer. I am pumped to watch it again.

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→ The Verge Reviews Pacific Rim

Ultimately, all Pacific Rim really needed to be was a clear-eyed, proficient example of high-concept thrill-ride storytelling, whether or not its “original” premise was particularly original. But del Toro accomplishes that task and then some, making one of the most satisfying movies of the summer — and one of the best of his career — by creating not just a new world, but one whose mythology actually deserves a universe.

I am hearing so much good buzz about this film. I think I might have even convinced Elyssa to go with me.

→ Final ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer Focuses on the Humans

I am officially amped for this movie.

→ Pacific Rim Is Not Like Transformers, But Try Telling That To Twitter

Bleeding Cool on Pacific Rim:

On the downside… see above, search Twitter, go bang your head against Facebook. It wouldn’t matter if people weren’t deciding to not see this film because they think it’s something that it isn’t. I’m disappointed that a lot of people who’ll love this movie won’t give it a chance because they don’t know what’s in the movie for them to love.

Two things:

  1. I think is going to be a great movie.

  2. I think the marketing for this movie is going to make it this summery’s John Carter.

→ New Pacific Rim Trailer

How do you make a great trailer?

  1. You cast Idris Elba in your movie.

  2. You base the trailer around him giving a speech that is capped off by him yelling “Today, we are cancelling the apocalypse!”

I am sold.