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→ Bringing the Hammer down on Progressive Insurance

Seth Godin does not hold back when talking about Progressive Insurance’s handling of Matt Fisher and his family:

if someone in your neighborhood used this approach, treating others this way, if a human with a face and a house and a reputation did it, they’d have to move away in shame. If a local businessperson did this, no one in town would ever do business there again.

Corporations (even though it’s possible that individuals working there might mean well) play a different game all too often. They bet on short memories and the healing power of marketing dollars, commercials and discounts.

The whole story is horrible. Though I would like to think that there is some level of morality in some corporations, my work experience has indicated that is rarely the case. It is too simplistic to say “the smaller the corporation, the better the chance it has a moral fiber,” however, that statement is probably closer to being true than not