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→ Rush Limbaugh on the response to Marco Rubio’s Drink of Water

You know, CNN has played video of this. I don’t know how many times they have played this over and over and over again. They’re actually asking if this is the new Watergate, if this is the end of Rubio’s career. I have to admit, folks, I didn’t know he drank water. You ever seen a politician do that in public? You don’t see it. You don’t see ’em eat in public. You don’t see ’em drink water, particularly between sentences. Now, I’ve seen football players drink Gatorade and whatever the hell else is down there on the sideline between plays, but drinking water during a speech, dry mouth during a speech? If I wasn’t so strong I’d take the day off to deal with the emotional wreck that this has made me. But I’m hanging tough.

Rush is simply the best at what he does.

→ Senator Rubio’s Appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Program

If you want to see how Marco Rubio makes his case for immigration reform, take a look at the full transcript of his interview on Rush’s show. I have to admit, Senator Rubio is pretty convincing.

→ GOP Trying to Become the Aspirational Party

Ramesh Ponnuru writing at Bloomberg:

Even the language the three men are using these days is similar. “We need to show folks that we are an aspirational party,” Jindal said. “We need to be the party that represents the upward mobility,” a party that believes “every single American has the same American dream, and we want to help them.”

I think this is similar to what the Democrat Party went through after losing in 2004. They realized their message was not resonating with the American people and they started to change the way they conveyed it. I think that the Republican Party now has to do the same thing, since I strongly believe that if people understand what the actual conservative positions were, they would support them in droves. I hope people like Governor Jindal, Congressman Ryan, and Senator Rubio are up to the task.

→ It is Never too Early to Try to Tarnish a Republican Presidential Candidate

Such garbage. Personally, I would be fine with someone who does not known the “age of the Earth” off the top of his head if he could improve the economy.