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→ KATNISS vs HERMIONE: Princess Rap Battle (Molly C. Quinn & Whitney Avalon)

In case you woke up this morning and thoughts “I wish Katniss and Hermione had a rap battle”…

→ Hot Butterbeer Now Available in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Isn’t this just a cup full of caramel sundae topping at this point?

→ First look at Gringotts ride in Diagon Alley

Even these few pictures make the attraction look impressive.

→ Diagon Alley to apparently open in ‘spring’

Last time “spring” meant June 18. This time, I am hoping it means mid-May.

→ Photos: Hogwarts Express train installed on track at Universal Orlando Resort

They are making insane progress with the new Diagon Alley. I am crossing my fingers that it is open by May of next year.

→ Possible first look at the Ride Vehicle for the Gringotts Bank Roller Coaster

This looks like it could be a pretty cool ride. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.1

  1. It will also be interesting to see which ride is completed first. 

→ More Harry Potter-ish films on the way from J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros

Heidi MacDonald At The Beat:

WB and J.K. Rowling have agreed to make more films set in the Harry Potter universe. The first film will be written b Rowling herself and based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a slim volume of lore taken from the Potterverse invented word. The film will star Newt Scamander, a cryptozoology-obssessed wizard who eventually became headmaster of Hogwarts.

I know Elyssa is going to be extremely pumped about this.

→ More pictures of Hogwarts Express train at Universal Orlando appear online

Elyssa is going to be so bummed if this is not open by May of next year.

→ Wizarding World Diagon Alley opening date and Hogwarts Express ticket details explored in Universal Orlando survey

It will be interest to see how this plays out. My guess: people end up buying a whole lot more “park hopping” type tickets to jump between the two parks.

→ A detailed look at Diagon Alley, the highly anticipated expansion of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort

The long rumored expansion of Harry Potter-related attractions at Universal Studios in Florida is now official. The most interesting things for me is probably the new Hogwarts Express:

“After teasing people with that static version of the Hogwarts Express in Hogsmeade, we’re now going to give them the opportunity to climb aboard that train and go on an actual journey. And we’re not going to do the usual theme park thing, where you get on an attraction that promises to take you on a journey, but then when you exit your ride vehicle, you’re actually back in the exact same spot where you began that ride,” Mark enthused. “After people climb aboard the Hogwarts Express at Universal Orlando Resort next year, as they exit that train, they’re going to find themselves in an entirely different environment, in a completely different place. Whether they’ve journeyed from London to Hogsmeade or visa versa. And we’ve made sure that even your train trip aboard the Hogwarts Express will be part of the ambitious immersive storytelling experience that we’re trying to create for our Guests with this Potter expansion.”

It sounds really impressive.

→ Expansion of Wizarding World of Harry Potter Under Way

Looks like it is going to open just after my honeymoon. Sounds like I will have to make another trip down in the fall.