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→ The Disney Hipsters gives some Tips on Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

As with most things Disney, being there early is key:

  >  Line Up Before the Party Starts:

      – A huge part of MNSSHP is character meet and greets. Both fur and face characters are in every conceivable corner of the park, but you don't need to bother them unless they're specific to the party.             Every year there are a few must meet characters.  This year the big ticket are Jack and Sally from classic Nightmare Before Christmas.  These characters (however ugly the design is…) are extremely rare at Walt Disney World, and the line will reflect this throughout the night.  If you have any hope of enjoying the party without waiting in a long line during the limited hours available you need to line up early.  Join (or start) the queue no later than 45 minutes before 7:00 if you have any interest in meeting these rare characters.  The same rule applies for the seven dwarves and the princesses/princes.        It is possible to meet all characters available…but you will have to dedicate your entire evening toward the process. 

→ A New Nightime Show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Rumored for 2014

The Disney Hipsters have the details

Rivers of Light is the almost maybe could be official name of the first ever regularly scheduled night time show to take place at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The show has been in development since 2006, before being put on hold indefinitely in 2008

Earlier this month, Rivers of Light received its inaugural test run hours after the park closed and it was a resounding success. Rivers of Light (I figure the more often I repeat the title, the less pedestrian it will sound) will incorporate Disney’s new favorite toy – that being projection technology – to make the animals emblazoned on the Tree Of Life seemingly (relatively speaking) come alive

Interesting. I would love to see a reason to be at Animal Kingdom later in the day.1

  1. Well, other than Avatar Land of course…assuming that actually happens.