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→ Dan Mitchell Explains How to Balance the Budget

I’m happy to say that the new numbers finally give me some different results. We can now balance the budget if spending grows 2.5 percent annually.

That would, of course, require a level of common sense that Washington is lacking at the moment.

→ Dan Mitchell on Obamanomics

Keynesian spending policies and class-warfare tax policies have produced dismal economic performance, with unemployment stuck above 8 percent – even though the White House promised the joblessness rate by this point would be about 5.5 percent if we squandered $800 billion-plus on the so-called stimulus.

Spoiler: He is not a fan.

Spectacular Failure

Dan Mitchell posted four charts which illustrate President Obama’s spectacular failure with regard to jobs and employment. For example, the following chart shows how unemployment remains over 9 percent. This is 2.5 percent higher than Obama said we would reach if we passed the stimulus.

Employment Chart

I agree with Mr. Mitchell that this is a spectacular failure.