News Corp. COO: If we lose Aereo copyright case, we‘ll stop broadcasting

To which I say: Fine. Do it.

It is time for the entire content production / distribution model in television to change. Let’s hope Aereo can help push that forward.

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Aereo coming to Raleigh

Aereo, a company that allows its subscriber to stream local television to their mobile devices, is coming to Raleigh. You can [sign up at their website to be notified when the service goes active](

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New Pricing for TV Streaming Service Aereo

TV Streaming Service [Aereo]( has updated its pricing structure. If I understand correctly, Aereo takes over-the-air feeds of various networks and broadcast them over the Internet. I’m fascinated by the copyright issues involved in this case[^note].

[^note]: *Note to self – I should write what those issues are.*