MMoM Listener Community Vacation Survey Results

**tl:dr – October was the preferred month.**

The Mighty Men of Mouse Listener Community Vacation survey is now over. In total, we got 30 responses, that resulted in the following summaries of data:

### Raw Numbers:

Survey Results

### Weighted Averages:

Weighted Averages

### Further Analysis:

The survey was rated on a 1-5 scale ranging from “Definitely not” to “Yes, I would be there.” It was the numerical values of the responses that created the weighted averages.

Looking at the numbers, it’s clear October and June had the highest “weighted average.” Earlier in the survey, this was because October had a “stars and scrubs”-style set of “yes” and “no” answers, while June was quite balanced. As time progressed however, things evened out across both months.

Ultimately, it was October has 6 more “I would really try, but no guarantees” (i.e. “4” rating on the scale) that toppled June’s 2 more “Yes, I would be there” ratings (i.e., “5” rating on the scale.)

### Some other random notes:

* One of the “definitely notes” for October is Howie. (Boo.)
* There was one entry that was “definitely not” for *all* months, and two entires that were “yes” for all months. I sort of ignored those for analysis purposes.