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According to a Wall Street Journal story Disney and Sony Pictures have begun testing a controversial business model in South Korea: renting movies via video on demand (Super Premium VOD) while they are still playing in theaters. This is the first time major American studios have offered viewers anywhere the option of buying a ticket to see a movie, or to rent it at home from a cable, Internet or satellite-television provider.

Sony’s Django Unchained was available to rent online and on cable just three weeks after premiering in Korean theaters last April. Disney’s animated Brave and Wreck-it Ralph came out four to five weeks after their release in theaters. In both cases the films were still playing throughout South Korea. Executives at other major Hollywood studios said they are watching Disney and Sony’s tests in Korea and may follow suit.

I would pay $30 to watch a new release movie at home on opening weekend. Being able to avoid a crowded theatre would be completely worth it to me.