Dr. Krauthammer on how to Handle Iran

Dr. Charles Krauthammer on how to handle the impossible situation that is Iran[^fn1]:

> “There are times when the best way to prevent war is to clearly communicate that it is possible,” he argues. Today, the threat of a U.S. attack is not taken seriously. Not by the region. Not by Iran. Not by the Israelis, who therefore increasingly feel forced to act before Israel’s more limited munitions — far less powerful and effective than those in the U.S. arsenal — can no longer penetrate Iran’s ever-hardening facilities.

Dr. Krauthammer then outlines three actions that should be taken:

1. Clear U.S. redlines.
2. Make it clear to Iran that it has no successful options
3. Give Iran a face-saving way out.

I agree with Dr. Krauthammer that “all options are bad.” The time for waiting idly by, however, is drawing to a close. As Dr. Krauthammer emphasizes, the worst action we can take at this point is to do nothing.

[^fn1]: Dr. Krauthammer’s plan is based on that of Anthony Cordesman, military analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies