→ Dr. Krauthammer on how to Handle Iran

Dr. Charles Krauthammer on how to handle the impossible situation that is Iran1:

“There are times when the best way to prevent war is to clearly communicate that it is possible,” he argues. Today, the threat of a U.S. attack is not taken seriously. Not by the region. Not by Iran. Not by the Israelis, who therefore increasingly feel forced to act before Israel’s more limited munitions — far less powerful and effective than those in the U.S. arsenal — can no longer penetrate Iran’s ever-hardening facilities.

Dr. Krauthammer then outlines three actions that should be taken:

  1. Clear U.S. redlines.
  2. Make it clear to Iran that it has no successful options
  3. Give Iran a face-saving way out.

I agree with Dr. Krauthammer that “all options are bad.” The time for waiting idly by, however, is drawing to a close. As Dr. Krauthammer emphasizes, the worst action we can take at this point is to do nothing.

  1. Dr. Krauthammer’s plan is based on that of Anthony Cordesman, military analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies