→ How App.net Can Change Everything

A lengthy breakdown of the potential value of App.net from Orian Marx, including benefits to users:

App.net is fundamentally driven by a desire to empower users and has the potential to establish a new standard of excellence in the treatment of user data and permissions which will be innate to the core platform upon which App.net developers will build. App.net has publicly declared that their most valuable asset is their users’ trust. (emphasis in original)

and developers:

App.net will combine the simplicity of cloud infrastructure with the power of web frameworks to deliver the best platform for developing social web applications. Social web apps are built around concepts like users, posts, connecting and sharing. App.net will provide a scalable infrastructure and a base model for these concepts upon which startups can innovate without reinventing the same wheels again and again. Developers will spend less time just trying to make their applications functional, so they can have more time to make them unique and useful. (emphasis in original)

Currently, App.net feels like Twitter did during its early stages, with people trying to figure out how to best structure the community around the infrastructure. It is clearly more evolved than Twitter though, as I do not see the various “I am doing X” posts that were so prevalent during Twitter’s early days. The main thing holding back App.net now is the lack of quality native desktop and mobile clients. I have a feeling those will start showing up before too long.

(via Dan Benjamin)