Internet Technology

Hitting Rate Limits on Instapaper is Probably My Fault

I’ve noticed that since Wednesday I’ve started to receive “rate limit” messages from [Instapaper]( Though I found one [StackExchange]( posting about it, I have not seen a lot of mentions about it on Twitter. My theory is that my method of using Instapaper[^insta] is not how they would prefer people use the site.

I hope the last couple of days have been a blip[^ml] and/or the rate limit rates are relaxed. I’ve been using Instapaper since [John Gruber first linked it in 2008]( and have been a subscriber since the iOS app has had an option to subscribe. I really would prefer to keep it as my only “Read Later” service. If, however, I am causing too much strain on Instapaper’s servers by sending it too many things, there are other “Read Later” services I can use to spread out my articles[^rl]. Hopefully it will not come to that, but at least I have options in the market if it does.

[^rl]: *E.g.,* I could send sports and politics stuff to [Readability]( and tech stuff to Instapaper.

[^ml]: I did send a metric buttload of Mountain Lion stuff to Instapaper and that will not be happening again any time soon.

[^insta]: Since I normally go through RSS feeds in short 2-3 minute bursts, I send any article I think I *might* want to read to Instapaper. The decision takes about half a second. I will then sit down in both morning and evening and pick articles out of my Instapaper queue to read. This means I probably end up reading only 30-40% of the stuff I send to Instapaper.