The Oscars Are On

I admit, I really do not care. I may use this as an opportunity to try out the new WordPress Liveblog plugin though. Updates below.

Kivus February 24, 20137:11 pm

Testing, Testing..

Kivus February 24, 20137:12 pm

Live update working?

Kivus February 24, 20137:58 pm

Elyssa is tearing it up with her commentary on Facebook. Also, I do not think the live updates for this actually work.

Kivus February 24, 20138:04 pm

The Oscars pre-game really does rival the Super Bowl in length and lack of depth.

Kivus February 24, 20139:17 pm

Just got a run down from Elyssa, and saw Brave win. I feel like I haven’t missed much. Well, other than the boob song, which I saw on YouTube.

Kivus February 24, 201310:20 pm

I did manage to catch Ted presenting a few awards. Also, a tie? Really? That happens?

Kivus February 24, 201310:44 pm

Okay. I think I have had my Oscar fill (about 15 minutes total.) I’m out.