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→ Clemson Softball Provides New Direction for Clemson Athletics to Grow

I probably would have gone to a game or two if this were around when I was there.

→ North Carolina high school student banned from golf team for getting through school too quickly

This is NCAA levels of stupid. The North Carolina high school athletics commission should be ashamed.

→ Clemson adds National Championship over Alabama to football graveyard

I love it.

→ Justin Jackson named ACC Player of the Year

Congratulations to Justin. I knew he had a great year, but I didn’t know it was that good.

→ David Price gets ‘best-case scenario’ after second opinion; No surgery, will be shut down 7-10 days

This was worrisome. It still feels like we’re going to have a scenario where he needs some kind of “fix” before the end of the contract.

→ Beer lover? “Hop on” this craft brew hotel experience

If they made one of these in Asheville it would already be booked for the next 3 years.

→ Twitter reactions to Deshaun Watson’s combine performance

No surprise here. Deshaun has been great for years.