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→ Goldberg — Confirms He’ll Compete in Royal Rumble Match … “Everyone is Next!”

It still surreal that Goldberg is back wrestling like this.

→ Goldberg — Inked Deal to Appear in Royal Rumble Match Prior to Bout With Brock Lesnar

I guess this makes sense overall (more Goldberg, means more money for WWE), but watching it happen last night was crazy.

→ Report: HARLEY QUINN Spinoff Film Lands Writer

Interesting. This article suggests it might be more of a “Bird of Prey”-like team up movie than a movie solely focused on Harley. I think I’m okay with that (?).

→ Mookie Betts named best defensive player in baseball

Nice little feather in the cap for Mookie.

→ NXT Roster — Destroys Mannequin Challenge Competition at the Performance Center (VIDEO)

This is insane. Did they really hold all the poses that long or were special effects involved?

→ Mookie Betts wins Gold Glove

The future is bright the core of the Red Sox. Here’s hoping Dombrowski can put a complete team around them.

→ Clemson’s Watson, Gallman and others ‘planning on moving on’ to NFL in 2017

Make this season count, then.