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→ Clemson won’t charge for student tickets in 2016

I think this was the right move. Good job, Clemson.

→ UFC May Pay Back WWE For The Brock Lesnar Loan With Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania

Alternatively, I’ve heard WWE is interested in Paige VanZant.

→ American Alpha Might Be Making The Leap From NXT To WWE Very Soon

It would seem to make sense that American Alpha anchor the Tag Team division on one of the upcoming “brands”

→ Brock Lesnar Will Indeed Fight At UFC 200, His Opponent Will Be Named On Monday

Cool move by the WWE to let this happen. I hope they get a Rousey appearance or two out of it.

→ Patriots rookie WR Malcolm Mitchell named Georgia’s children’s book author of the year

It’s hard not to root for this guy.