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→ WWE’s Seth Rollins And Wesley Snipes Are Going To Be In A Movie Together And It’s Gonna Be Bananas

This is probably going to be campy as hell (but I bet I’m going to love it.)

→ Clemson could charge for some student football tickets

Part of me likes the idea that you can get students who really want to go to football games to pay a little extra for better seats, but I feel like IPTAY already allowed that. Ultimately, not charging students to go to the games was a nice touch and I hope it stays that way.

→ Optometrists Push For State Laws Blocking Online Eye Exams

Wait? Is this really a thing? Talk about disruption.

→ Report: Marcus Lattimore can’t have paid position at South Carolina

I have no love lost for South Carolina, but this is outrageous. The NCAA is a disgrace.

→ Watch Lita Unveil The Brand New WWE Women’s Championship Belt

Great move by the WWE (and they picked a great former champion to announce it.)

→ Suicide Squad To Receive An Injection Of Added Fun

This was a pre-mature April Fools joke, right? I mean, DC couldn’t have been that dumb when making this movie originally were they?