The Evolution of the BO$$

Over at *Cage Side Seats*, Andrew Swift has an [amazing piece on the career of Sasha Banks](

> There’s lots of discussion lately on “elevating titles,” making championship belts appear important and worth chasing. (A common recent remark is that Seth Rollins has failed to do so as WWE World Heavyweight Champion—though his booking should be the first culprit there.) If you want to see a quintessential example of elevating a title, look at Sasha Banks’ reign as NXT Women’s Champion. She put on two match of the year candidates (and her Fatal 4-way title win is likely an honorable mention)—including what seems to be the favorite, gave commanding and center-stage performances every time she was in a ring or on a mic, and made every one of her appearances must-watch TV. During her reign, she made the NXT Women’s Championship the most valued title in the company. And giving that rub to Bayley, who she has a very long history with dating back to early 2013, in Brooklyn, in that match, was the perfect way to drop it.

The whole piece is fantastic and I highly recommend that any wrestling fan give it a read.

(If you’re a Sasha fan, you might also want to check out [this other article by Andrew Swift explaining how amazing Sasha and Bayley’s overall story is](