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→ NESN says it plans to offer end of season tribute for Don Orsillo

I think NESN has handled this whole situation poorly, so I’m glad to see that they plan to at least do this.

→ Is iPhone 6s faster than a Mac

I feel like this is more to this than the graphs indicate. I look forward to someone (read: not me) explaining what is is “off” about this comparison.

→ Joining Red Sox, working for Dave Dombrowski ‘ideal situation’ for Frank Wren

No surprise that Wren is joining the front office. I think it’s interesting that they didn’t give him the GM role, instead keeping Hazen in that role. Hopefully, this means that Dombrowski hasn’t decide to completely scrap all ideas of statistical analysis in favor of “traditional” scouting.

→ College GameDay headed to Clemson-Notre Dame

They’re coming…to our city.

→ Utah makes statement, destroys Oregon 62-20

I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

→ Mick Foley’s Advice To WWE: ‘Push Cesaro’

Sounds like a good plan to me.

→ NCAA says daily fantasy participation could result in a year of lost eligibility

Not a surprise here. These “daily fantasy leagues” are gambling, plain and simple. At least the NCAA is evaluating this appropriately. The NFL and ESPN, meanwhile, talk about the “horrors” of gambling while having 3/4 of their programming sponsored by these ridiculous leagues.

→ Hanley Ramirez suggests he’s ready to start life as first baseman

I would assume transitioning to first base will go better than his transition to the outfield went.

→ Elyssa’s Definitive WDW Land Rankings

Elyssa weighs in on the debate from Mighty Men of Mouse Ep. 26 about ranking WDW Lands.

→ John and Elyssa’s Favorites – Breakfast at Walt Disney World

This is the first in our John and Elyssa’s Favorites series. We started the series with how you should start the day: Breakfast!

→ Rope Drop [dot] Net Interview – Dutch Lombrowski

I was so happy that Dutch said yes to doing an interview with me for the new site. As you would probably guess, it came out amazing.

→ Apple shooting to release car by 2019

As you might expect, I am interested in seeing what comes out of this.

→ Rex Ryan: Patriots aren’t exactly ‘Boy Scouts of America’

True. A Rex Ryan coached team might actually be able to get a win against a bunch of 10 year old boy scouts.

→ Sting Has Issued A Statement On His ‘Career Threatening’ Injury

This was a bummer. I assume the match would have had the same result, but it was kind of scary watching Sting be so visibly hurt. I hope he’s okay. At 56 it’s tough to say you want “one more match” out of him, but I would really like to see one more match out of him.

→ Lucha Underground will be back for Season 2!

Such great news. I’m super pumped for this show to be back on the air. It was so, so great.

→ Welcome to Rope Drop [dot] Net

Here’s the explanation of what Elyssa and I are trying to do with Rope Drop [dot] Net.

→ I launched a Disney Website: Rope Drop [dot] Net

Earlier today, Elyssa and I released a new Disney website Rope Drop [dot] Net. It’s going to be the home to a lot of our Disney related opinions and information. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

→ Star Wars: Original Theatrical Cut To Be Re-Released By Disney – Yahoo News

I’ll believe it when I see it, but I am much more optimistic about this happening now that Disney owns the franchise.

→ Sasha Banks steals Tyler Breeze’s phone and throws a “Selfie party”

I really hope that Sasha took all these pictures on Tyler Breeze’s phone.

→ Clemson TIgers learn plenty in close win over Louisville

“We’re not a great team yet, but we’re improving, and that’s our goal,” Swinney said. “I think we have a chance to be a great team by November.”

The game last night was much, much closer than I would of like. That said, I feel like pre-Dabo Clemson teams would have lost it. Still, it’s tough for me to argue with Pat Fored’s take that Clemson’s overrated.

(On the plus side, have you see Dabo’s victory dance? No wonder people want to play for him.)