Holly Anderson Previews Clemson’s Season and Deshaun Watson’s Importance to the Team

> For Clemson to make a playoff run in 2015, it’s all going to have to keep happening, and in a hurry. This year’s offense will be a unit of less-than-familiar faces, and young ones. The Tigers’ second-year quarterback will have to be a reliable constant in a sea of changes, starting1 with the loss of most of the offensive line. Last season’s top running back is another young’n, sophomore Wayne Gallman. Along with Artavis Scott and 1,000-yard receiver Mike Williams, the squad is welcoming an incoming armada of talent at receiver, including one five-star prospect I want to mention simply because his name is Ray-Ray McCloud. The guy who’s supposed to be responsible for Clemson’s kicks and punts, Ammon Lakip, will serve a three-game suspension2 to open the season; two redshirt freshmen are competing to serve in his stead.

It’s another yea with kind of high expectations on the Tigers. Since so much hangs on Watson staying healthy, however, I am especially nervous about this season.