Generic Disney Trip Planning Outline

On a recent episode of [Mighty Men of Mouse](, they discussed travel outlines, spreadsheets, etc…

Personally, I have always created my travel outlines in [OmniOutliner Pro]( for the Mac, and then synced them over to my iPhone to use on [OmniOutliner for iOS]( This allows me to easily navigate the outline, closing and opening various sections as I work through things.

My outline is broken down into the following sections:

* Packing List
* Things to do Before we Leave
* Reservations
* Scheduling Information
* Daily Itineraries

Most of the categories are probably pretty self explanatory, but I will clarify the difference between *Scheduling Information* and *Daily Itineraries.* Scheduling Information is essentially a “times” listing, while Daily Itineraries is the plan for the day. If it turns out that something unexpected changes in the daily plan, then I can use the data in the “Scheduling Information” section to make adjustments on the fly.

If you want to see a generic version of my outline for using *OmniOutliner*, you can download that here (Kivus Generic Outline)[^end], and if you want to see what a PDF of it would look like, you can do that here (PDF of Outline). Unfortunately, I doubt the PDF version will be very helpful to you since it is so generic.

[^end]: This is a “zip” of the OmniOutliner “oo3 file” (which is technically a folder). You’ll have to unzip it before you can use it in OmniOutliner.