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→ New Flyover to Allow Resort Guests to Bypass Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza

Two questions about this:

  1. Is “Flyover” really a term?

  2. Why won’t this let people going to the Floridian to also bypass the toll plaza?

→ Holly Anderson Previews Clemson’s Season and Deshaun Watson’s Importance to the Team

For Clemson to make a playoff run in 2015, it’s all going to have to keep happening, and in a hurry. This year’s offense will be a unit of less-than-familiar faces, and young ones. The Tigers’ second-year quarterback will have to be a reliable constant in a sea of changes, starting1 with the loss of most of the offensive line. Last season’s top running back is another young’n, sophomore Wayne Gallman. Along with Artavis Scott and 1,000-yard receiver Mike Williams, the squad is welcoming an incoming armada of talent at receiver, including one five-star prospect I want to mention simply because his name is Ray-Ray McCloud. The guy who’s supposed to be responsible for Clemson’s kicks and punts, Ammon Lakip, will serve a three-game suspension2 to open the season; two redshirt freshmen are competing to serve in his stead.

It’s another yea with kind of high expectations on the Tigers. Since so much hangs on Watson staying healthy, however, I am especially nervous about this season.

→ The Dudley Boyz Made A Shocking Return To WWE

On a more positive WWE note, it was pretty cool seeing the Dudley Boyz show up (especially when it hadn’t been leaked beforehand.)

→ The Bellas And Paige Blasted Brooklyn For Their Reaction To Their Match On Last Night’s Raw

I think the Bellas and Paige were completely justified in their reactions. The Brooklyns fans were terrible. I understand arguments that part of the blame is on WWE’s booking team (and I don’t disagree with it), but that doesn’t excuse the Brooklyn fans’ conduct. I also approve of WWE’s approach to censor the broadcast on the West Coast feed. I feel like it’s the same as not giving recognition or tv time to someone who runs onto a field during a sporting event.

→ Starting over: Hanley Ramirez works out at first base

Hanley was a disaster in the outfield, so I’m not really surprised by this (especially after the Sox moved Napoli.) I figure he’ll be able to adjust to this position just fine.

→ Jerry Remy offers thoughts regarding Don Orsillo moving on

“For the last 15 years it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Don,” an emotional Remy told a small group of reporters immediately after the broadcast. “I can remember him sitting in the booth when the job became available. He was asking me if there was any chance he could probably get it. I said a few things to a few people and he did get it. He’s been an outstanding partner for 15 years and I’m truly going to miss him ‘ on a work-related side, and I’m going to miss him on a personal side because he’s also become a very, very close friend of mine. I know that he’s going to land on his feet and he’s going to be in great shape. I’m sure they’re going to be lining up for his services, I really mean that. He’s terrific at what he does. He’s been absolutely fabulous to work with. I love him. He’s going to do just fine. I’m not worried about that part of it.”

I’m really going to miss Don and Jerry during Red Sox games. This whole change is kind of a bummer.

→ Report: John Cena Squashed Charlotte’s Divas Title Push

I kind of find this hard to believe. It seems just too much like some smart-mark fantasy about how “Cena rules everything.” That said, I do think that WWE wants Nikki to pass AJ before they’ll pull the belt off her (even though things are pretty stagnant in that division right now.)

→ New Disney Twitter Account to Connect with Guests during Vacation

Hopefully it’s a little better than the infamous “ComcastCares”.

→ Brett Terpstra gives some tips on how to Write Better Markdown

None of these are earth shattering, but I would recommend that anyone who writes Markdown take a look at them.

→ Jon Stewart Heel Turn

It was a little corny, but I liked it.

→ Stephen Amell Takes To The Sky In His WWE Debut

Amell really did well and the match itself was super enjoyable. Well done, all around.

→ The End of an Era

The end of an era in women’s wrestling. NXT was so great. I can only hope they let the women do this in the “big leagues.”

→ Sasha Over the Top


→ Sasha takes Reverse Hurricanrana

Sasha Banks is insane for taking this movie. That said, she made it look amazing.

→ Sasha Banks with the Top Rope “Bank Stamp”


→ EasyWDW Report on Disney World 2015 Halloween Merchandise

I have a feeling that Elyssa is going to want something from this list.

→ Port Orleans Food Court menus updated on 19 August

They added corn dog nuggets to the menu. I assume Elyssa will approve.

→ Tiger Woods surges to share of Wyndham Championship lead

I might be in the minority, but I think is cool. I really am hoping Tiger wins this.

→ With Spandex’s NXT TakeOver Brooklyn Predictions and Analysis

If you’re a wrestling fan that’s not watching NXT, you should really check out the NXT Takeover live special at 9pm on the WWE Network. If you want a preview of the event check out this one from With Spandex.

Oh, and if you want a SummerSlam preview, With Spandex and The Masked Man have those as well.

→ IRL John Cena is the Best

I’ll still be cheering against him on Sunday, but this is pretty great, and, of course, what he does for children is amazing.