Why Card Position in WWE Is Important

TH writing at *The Wrestling Blog*:

> The truth is Owens will probably be fine in a macroscopic sense. He’ll continue to draw a fat, main roster paycheck, which is something he deserves for busting his ass for over a decade to get where he is now. He’ll be featured on RAW and Smackdown, and fans will always support him like they continue to support Cesaro and Ziggler. But the average fan cannot be begrudged his or her feelings of dread on Owens’ creative future. He went from wining and dining with kings and queens to eating pork and beans in the back alley in terms of his importance to the narrative, at least seemingly he has.

That’s exactly how I feel about the whole thing. Yes, I know Owens will be fine as far as “providing for his family”, but I want to see him wrestle.