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→ Jena Malone Rumored to be Barbara Gordon in Batman v. Superman

Interesting. I think I would have rather see her get introduced in her own film, but it looks like DC might be throwing everything in Batman v. Superman.

→ Reeder 3 for Mac Beta is now Available

It’s only the first beta, but if you’re a fan of Reeder, you’re going to want to at least take a look.

→ Chris Pine To Join Wonder Woman

I’m fine with this. I always seem to like Chris Pine.

→ Redskins say 7.8 billion people, more than are on Earth, follow them

Oh, those silly Redkins. (I can say that, right?)

→ Newest Rumor: One Man’s Dream and Voyage of the Little Mermaid to Close in September

It will be interesting to see if this takes place. If they’re going to do this, D23 better have some big announcements.

→ Mark Hamill Reportedly Official for “Batman: The Killing Joke” Adaptation

If you’re going to do this story, than you have to have Hamill voice The Joker.

→ Kevin Owens Says He Wants To Work With Brock Lesnar

I’m all for this.

→ Garden Grill Restaurant Breakfast and Lunch Reservations Open Today

I wonder how this will impact early morning touring. Being right next to Soarin’ before the park opens could be a “game changer.”

→ Rachel McAdams’ “Doctor Strange” Quote Reveals Affinity For Gaiman’s Work

Between this and True Detective, I am becoming a big fan of Ms. McAdams.

Brady, the NFL, Etc…

The NFL upheld the suspension. Goodell is a joke. Robert Kraft finally really came at the league. Blah, blah, blah. I can’t seem to care anymore. This whole story has been ridiculous from the beginning, and now an incompetent commissioner is ruining the name of one of, if not the, greatest Quarterbacks of all time. At this point, I don’t feel like linking to any more of this garbage.

→ Shane Victorino’s roller-coaster ride in Boston ends

I’m going to the Flyin’ Hawaiian. I hope he has success in Anaheim, and I thank him (again) for helping the Red Sox win a World Series.

→ Bill Simmons to Join HBO, Going From Free Agency to Freedom

Interesting choice. If his new show is half as good as John Oliver’s it’ll be great.

→ Sasha Banks says “This is my House, Now” “this is my house now.”

This is so great. Sasha is the best.

→ WWE Officially Announces SummerSlam As Four-Hour PPV This Year

I hope this means some matches (e.g., the Divas match(es?)) will get some room to breath.

→ Pedro Martinez’s poignant Hall of Fame speech perfectly sums up pitcher’s brilliance

Jeff Passan with an excellent column on Pedro’s Hall of Fame speech:

And though it didn’t take pomp or ceremony for that to be the case, Martinez’s rousing speech – a stream-of-consciousness homily delivered in English and Spanish, accompanied by kettle drums that impelled him to pump his fist and dance, punctuated by the sort of finish reserved for a closer, not a starter – served as a reminder that for all of his brilliance on the field, Pedro’s arm never could match his mind.

I feel lucky that I got to cheer for Pedro when he was a member of the Red Sox.

→ Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Is It Still Worth Your Time?

Linking this to give James Rosemergy a plug on his first piece at TouringPlans. Congrats, James!

→ PWX Is Also Doing a Late Summer Tournament in the South

Moose and Ricochet are going to be wrestling just down the road? I might have to check that out.

→ Not Just Another Promotion: Looking Back at Lucha Underground

Speaking of Lucha Underground, here’s an excellent recap from Baba T over at The Wrestling Blog. I especially like this point about what Lucha Underground did so well:

Fuck reality, but don’t screw with the internal logic of your show. Create your own rules but don’t randomly abandon them in the middle without warning. LU has done all of this really well. On the other hand (sigh), you have reality era in WWE. WWE tries to be as “real” as possible: women can’t wrestle men because they are not strong enough, not too much flippy stuff because it doesn’t feel like the right psychology etc etc. Ok, so arbitrary limitations on your soap opera in tights show with Irish Whips and perfectly co-ordinated back body drops, cool, fine, accepted, your show, your story. But then none of these real men and women go and behave remotely like anybody we can relate to.

The story telling (both inside the ring and out) was what really set Lucha Underground apart. I really will miss it if it goes away.

→ Before ULTIMA LUCHA, Here’s 37 Minutes Celebrating 37 Episodes Of ‘Lucha Underground’

These next 3 weeks are going to be amazing. If it’s the last of Lucha Underground, than it will be going out with a major bang. (That said, I still will be super bummed if it’s the end.)

→ Complete Guide to Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto Tiki Mugs

I admit, I really want a Hippopatamaitai in one of the tiki mugs.