PGA Revokes Media Credentials due to Reporter’s Periscope Usage

Summary: A reporter used Periscope to broadcast part of a practice round she was following. The PGA revokes her media credentials the next day.

Also, this money quote from PGA Tour EVP of Communications Ty Votaw:

> “Who owns those rights? We do, not you. If you want access to those rights, you have to pay for it. When [the reporter] posts unauthorized videos, she’s stealing. I don’t understand how you can’t get that through your head.”

The PGA Tour has been brain dead about mobile phone and camera use during its game for years. It’s not surprising that they are way behind the curve for something as cutting edge as Periscope, either.

As it stands, golf is dying as a sport that people watch *and* play. Instead of trying to think of creative ways to expose people to the game, the PGA Tour continues to act like a bunch of old, uninformed luddites and push people further way from the game. As someone who enjoys golf, it’s really, really disappointing.