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→ Watch Brock Lesnar Announce His Shocking Retirement From UFC

I hope this means that Lesnar retains at Wrestlemania.

→ Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus is getting a television adaptation

Good news for Greg. I hope it happens.

→ Fantastical 2 for Mac Now Available

The gang over at Flexibits released Fantastical 21. Unlike the previous version of Fantastical, which is more of a menubar utility, this version is a full featured calendar app.

Jason Snell and Federico Vitcci have already posted reviews.

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→ The Reigns/Lesnar Hype Battle Spilled Over To SportsNation

Great little segment. I especially thought Beadle was awesome during it.

→ How Many Times do I Have to Visit Walt Disney World?

I was really surprised when the time scale used in this article was “a lifetime”, instead of “a year.”

→ Walt Disney World General Public Discounts Start Today

Even if you’ve already booked a reservation for this time period, it makes sense to call your travel agent and see if you can benefit from this deal.

→ UNC-Arkansas was the type of game college basketball needs more often


→ ‘Will You be My Happily Ever After?’: A runDisney Proposal at Walt Disney World Resort

Another magical memory made at a runDisney event.

→ This is awesome: Every game on the final day of the MLB regular season will start at the same time

Maybe I should just put this date on the calendar as “Out of office”?

→ Watch Mookie Betts hit an inside the park homer

Mookie is fast. Relatedly: I’m ready for baseball season.

→ Don’t Run on Roy

It is too bad we cannot get more games like this. It was so fun to watch teams go at each other at this pace.

→ Rushed Reaction: #7 Wichita State 78, #2 Kansas 65

This game was great. It was so fun watching Wichita State just demolish Kansas.

→ CONFIRMED: Jungle Cruise Themed “Skipper’s Oasis” Restaurant Coming to the Magic Kingdom

I cannot wait for them to reveal more details about this. The concept is so awesome.

→ “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn Rumored To Have “Batman: TAS” Ties

They are setting me up to be so disappointed with this movie.

→ HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Will Spoil the Novels’ Ending, Showrunners Admit


→ Mission Impossible 5 Gets Title And Trailers

I admit, I love these movies.

→ Durham Bulls unveil ‘Game of Thrones’ theme jerseys and they’re fantastic

They do look awesome. Elyssa and I might have to check this game out.

→ A Refresher on Sabermetrics

Just in case you need to review before the season starts.

→ Devin McCourty Secures the Patriots Future, One of Bill Belichick’s Best Draft Picks

McCourty has had his ups and downs, but I agree that his selection looks like quite the feather in The Hoodie’s cap.

→ Kentucky’s Willie Cauley-Stein throws down the dunk of the tournament

At least the Cinci kid can be on a poster some day.