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→ Samsung dims the lights on LEDs

A major thank you to Cree for creating affordable LED bulbs that last for 10 years and blowing up this market before it even got started.

→ Tons of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass+ Availability for November

I tried this out and was able to book two days that were previously unavailable.

→ Benedict Cumberbatch to play Doctor Strange

I'm absolutely fine with this.

→ Andy Ihnatko’s Awesome Harley Quinn Cosplayer Photo

Pretty awesome Harley Quinn cosplay from NY Comic-con 2014.

→ Morena Baccarin Cast As Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Interesting. I loved her on Firefly, but wasn’t a huge fan of her on Homeland.

→ The Flash gets a Full Season Order

A complete no-brainer. Everyone seems to love the show.

→ Tyson Kidd Debuted The Best Kick Pads Ever on Main Event

Kidd is so good on NXT, but I fear he’ll never get over with the main RAW crowd.

→ Caller to Fedora’s Radio Show Predicts Win over GT

I believe “Roy from Chapel Hill” had this one.

→ BREAKING: Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and more DC movies confirmed

I am not getting my hopes up that they’ll actually do a good job with Harley Quinn.

→ The Definitive Guide To Understanding The Rock’s Many Catchphrases

I sent this to Elyssa so she could understand an additional 10% of the outdated references I make.

→ “Glow With The Show” Changing To “Made With Magic” at Disney Parks

I always thought the concept of “Glow with the Show” was pretty cool, but I never really saw that many people actually wearing them. I wonder if these new items will be more popular.

→ Paige (& Alicia Fox) Joining The Cast Of Total Divas

I hate that Paige being added to the cast means that I will probably watch.

→ The World Series will likely be Lorde-free

This is stupid. How is MLB fumbling such a no-brainer move?

→ Walt Disney Animation Studios Releases Teaser Trailer For “Feast”

This looks adorable.

→ C.J. Spiller’s chance in Buffalo lasts less than a quarter after Fred Jackson injury

I feel bad for CJ. He just seems to be cursed when it comes to injuries.

→ Federico shows what’s new in iOS 8.1

I am intrigued by the iCloud photo library beta, but I also don’t trust Apple to actually keep all my photos properly backed up.

→ Clemson leading rusher Adam Choice out for season

Clemson has not had the best year with respect to the dreaded “injury bug.”

→ UNC Announces Wainstein Report Will Be Released on Wednesday

Get your popcorn ready.