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→ The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Official Teaser Trailer [HD] – YouTube

“Will you follow me, one last time?” – Thorin

→ Epcot Food and Wine Festival Marketplace Menus

Here is the full listing of menus for the Food and Wine festival (in case you want to know more than just what beer is going to be served.)

→ Tom Bricker explains how he became a Duffy Fan

Seriously, what kind of people bring their stuffed animal on vacation and take pictures of him?

→ Red Sox GM Ben Cherington Isn’t Completely Delusional

Neil Paine, writing at Five Thirty Eight:

It’s always possible that in the roller-coaster world of the Red Sox, last year’s World Series winning squad might be the outlier sandwiched between two terrible seasons. But the best public sabermetric projections available agree with Cherington – this team is much better than its record would have us believe (even if it’s still unlikely to make the playoffs).

After the past few days, it is clear that this is not the Red Sox year. Hopefully, they use this opportunity to really lay a good groundwork for the future.

→ I am not the only one who thinks Verducci’s Piece on Illegal Defense was Stupid

For example, Craig Calcaterra lists a few criticism, including:

Shifts reward teams with athletic and versatile players, both in the form of defenders who can play out of traditional position and hitters who can hit to all fields. I bet I don’t have to go back too far in Verducci’s archives to see complaints about slow, lumbering take-and-rake dead-pull hitters, inflated offensive numbers and teams not focusing on defensive skills being baseball’s biggest problem. Now it’s this.

→ Tom Spurgeon with some updates on DRM-Free Comixology

This one is particularly interesting:

According to Chip Mosher after the panel, comiXology didn’t lose anyone after the move to Amazon. I had heard a rumor of a 1-2 publishers maybe bailing, a rumor Mosher shot down pretty quickly.

Good to hear. I think Comixology is doing a good job as a leader in digital comics.

→ New Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley Touring Plans

Now you can really start planning.

→ Protecting Your Photographic Memories

Speaking of videos that have been making the rounds recently, this video on the importance of organizing and backing up your photos is also worth a watch.

→ Red Sox reportedly will open 2015 season in Philly

I may have to take a trip to Philly.

→ 5 Brilliant Minutes with Gregory Heisler

This video has been going around a lot recently, but it really is worth watching.

→ The Beer of the 2014 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Beers and Ears provides you with an very important list up the upcoming Food and Wine Festival.

→ Time Warner Cable to Carry the SEC Network

If you are a college football fan, you have to pay attention to the SEC. I am glad Time Warner got this straightened out.

→ Comixology Announces DRM-Free Backup of Books

I guess the rumors were true. Now, let’s see which publishers actually enable this features. Hopefully, there is some pressure on DC and Marvel to do it.

→ ComiXology rumored to offer a DRM-Option to Publishers

This would be awesome, but I am not holding my breath.

→ Tom Verducci makes a ridiculous suggestion – Outlaw Defensive Shifts

I took a day to relax before posting a link to this piece because it made me so angry. Verducci is looked at as one of the top analysts in baseball, and this whole piece is just garbage. For example, he compares Big Papi’s stats from 2004 to how he is playing this year, without factoring in the fact that Papi is 10 years older. He also seems to ignore how much injuries have hampered the abilities of players like Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira as they age. It is just a really bad, poorly executed piece.

→ Room-Only Discounts for Late Fall Announced

These discounts pretty much cover the rest of 2014, with the exception of Thanksgiving weekend, and the Christmas through New Year’s week / weekends.

→ EA delays Dragon Age: Inquisition

When Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out, I am going to want to buy either a PS4 or a Xbox One so that I can play it. Thankfully, I can wait until at least November 18 before I have to make that decision.

→ America’s Favorite Star Wars Movie

20% of those surveyed listed one of the prequels as their favorite Star Wars movie. Relatedly, 20% of people should not be allowed to make any decisions, about anything.

→ Dark Horse Comics Reveals 12 New Must-Read Creator-Owned Series

People like Matt Kindt, Brian Wood, Jeff Lemire, and Rafael Albuquerque are bringing new, creator-owned books to Dark Horse. Count me as “excited.”

→ Mathieu Gasquet’s First Impressions of the Sony A7s

The A7s1 is currently at the top of the “Camera Bodies I am Lusting After” list. Articles like this from Gasquet do nothing to change that.

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