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→ Frozen-based Enteratinment Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I think this a good move for Disney. It gets more Frozen-based options into the parks, without forcing Disney to commit a large upfront cost, before Disney can figure out if Frozen has staying power.

→ Two new VIP Disney World Tours Announced

$300 a person for a 6-7 hours tour, including visits to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdoms1, and a meal at table service restaurant. It does sound kind of interesting, but I think it might be a little spendy.

  1. Where guests get to ride on the Mine Train, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Expedition Everest. 

→ Apple To Cease Development Of Aperture

Not a surprising development after the last few years. I am glad I made the switch to Lightroom earlier this year, but I am still going to miss Aperture existing.

→ Doctor Who Returns on August 23

Clara is back!

→ Photofocus releases a free eBook on Lightroom

Photofocus’s coverage of Lightroom is quite good. I have high hopes for this book.

→ Snow White meet and greet on the move again at the Magic Kingdom

Poor Snow. Can’t they just give her a home and let her stay there?1.

  1. I have developed a newfound appreciation for Snow (yes, I call her Snow) after my most recent trip to the world. Elyssa and I ended up having great interactions with all the “Snows” that we met. 

→ Diagon Alley open July 8th

I have a feeling that some people might be excited about this.

→ Gamora Featured On Latest Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster

They nailed the look of Gamora. I hope they do as well with her personality.

→ Eva Green’s ‘Sin City’ Poster Too Sexy For The MPAA

Eva Green seems to be have been genetically engineered to star in Frank Miller adaptations.

→ Red Sox to promote Mookie Betts to Triple-A Pawtucket

Excellent timing. I am going to watch the PawSox play against the Bulls tonight.

→ Nicole Young Presents Her My Top 20 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

Always good to have a little refresher on these.

→ Back in the comforts of Reeder for Mac

Last week, Reeder 2 for Mac1 was released. After a week using it, I realize just how much I missed Reeder’s fast, easy to use, interface.

  1. Affiliate Link (as is the post link. 

→ Josh Brolin Is Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy And The Avengers Sequels

I approve of this.