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→ Theme Park Tourist breaks down 5 Surprisingly Low-Tech Effects Used in Famous Disney Theme Park Rides

I was most interested in the Great Hall in the Haunted Mansion:

This is one of the most famous Disney effects of all, but the company didn’t invent the technique. In fact, the “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion is based on a term coined in the 1800s by a professor of chemistry at the London Polytechnic Institure.

The ghosts that you see dancing and celebrating in the Grand Hall are actually animatronic figures in black rooms above and below the mezzanine that your Doom Buggy is on. There is a gigantic pane of glass between the riders and the Grand Hall. A light source shines on the animatronics below, which reflects them off of the glass and makes it appear as though they’re actually in the Grand Hall.

→ FiveFingers Maker Will Pay Millions To People Who Bought Its Shoes

“This study showed that increases in bone marrow edema [the precursor to a stress fracture] are more common in subjects who were transitioning to the [Vibram FiveFingers],” concluded this 2013 study.

I always thought FiveFingers shoes looked ridiculous, but I never thought they actually might have been causing damage to people’s feet as well.

→ Famous barber says that Alex Rodriguez shaves his arms and legs

Of course, A-Rod shaves his legs. Of course, he does.

→ First Official Promo Art For Marvel’s Agent Carter TV Series

The more I think about it, the more I think that Agent Carter might be setup to be a really good show.

→ The CW Reveals Promo Images for “The Flash,” “iZombie”

The CW has done a pretty decent job at turning Arrow into an enjoyable show. I have my fingers crossed they can do the same thing for The Flash and iZombie.

→ Fixing Word Crashes with “Smart” Copy and Paste

Word is by far the crashiest program on my Mac. I am going to try this tip from David Sparks in hopes that it help alleviate some of Word’s problems.

→ NCAA Recommends Change to Charge/Block Rule

Here’s the new rule:

In order to take a charge, the alteration will require a defending player to be in legal guarding position before the airborne player leaves the floor to pass or shoot. Additionally, the defending player is not allowed to move in any direction before contact occurs (except vertically to block a shot). All rules alterations must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to convene via teleconference on June 25. The proposal is allowed in the non-change year under PROP guidelines because the committee believes a new rule requires alteration.

In other words, they’re going back to the old rule that caused all the problems. Well done, NCAA. Well done.

→ Popularity of Frozen characters and merchandise changes the Magic Kingdom rope drop procedure

People are so crazy to see Anna and Elsa that Disney is actually walking the rope back to Fantasyland. That is impressive.

→ Voldemort, Bellatrix revealed in new Escape from Gringotts ride details for Universal Orlando Harry Potter expansion

This ride looks insane. I have a feel it is going to be really impressive, I am just worried about the amount of capacity it will have.

→ An Update on the Frozen Princess Meet and Greet in the Magic Kingdom

Speaking of Frozen, the meet-and-greet to see Anna and Elsa is still insanely popular.

→ Details about Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts Will Be Revealed May 13

Universal Studios setup a new blog, which should get a lot of traffic tomorrow.

→ Touring Plans help you Pick the Least Crowded Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

I feel like Elyssa and I might try to get down there for this in October.

→ Elsa appearance teased on Once Upon a Time

I have never seen Once Upon a Time, but I heard rumblings today that they that they teased an appearance of Elsa on the finale last night. I managed to find a clip on Youtube (linked), but I imagine that will be pulled before too long.

Though I am not sure this will make me watch the show, I have to Disney credit for bring her to the show so quickly.

→ First Trailer for Constantine from NBC

Hellblazer is a tremendous comic book, but I have real doubts that NBC is going to be able to put together a show that captures what makes that book so great. That said, (1) NBC has done a great job with Hannibal, and (2) this trailer is not completely terrible.

→ FastPass+ Only Character Meet and Greet Opportunities

I have no problem with the concept of Fastpass+ only Meet and Greets, but I think it’s ridiculous to make them Tier 1 attractions.

UPDATE: Looks like Disney has changed its plans on Fastpass+ only Meet and Greets

→ Another Example of Ridiculousness Treatment of College Athletes

Kansas State has thus far refused to release [basketball player, Leticia] Romero from her scholarship, which means she can’t receive financial aid from any other Division I institution for at least a year. The Kansas State athletic department has mostly refused to explain itself, on account of “student-privacy concerns.” That excuse would make more sense if someone had told Romero why the university is blocking her release. The player says she hasn’t gotten any explanation at all.

Just disgraceful. Kansas State should be ashamed.

→ Tar Heels to Play in the Pre-Season CBS Sports Classic

A preseason tournament with Carolina, Kentucky, UCLA and Ohio State? This is going to be awesome.

→ First Look at the New Haramabe Theatre at the Animal Kingdom

I am looking forward to seeing if they are going to make any major changes to the Festival of the Lion King show.

→ Two Marriott hotels Possibly coming to Flamingo Crossings on the Western entrance of Walt Disney World

I am completely fine with more inexpensive Marriott offering showing up close to Disney World.

→ NBC Cancels Community

Sigh. I was hoping we would get at least one more season.