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→ Raleigh / Durham on the List of Potential New Google Fiber Cities

Having Google Fiber in the Triangle would be huge. At a minimum, it would put a lot more pressure on Time Warner Cable1 to upgrade their speeds, lower prices, etc..

  1. Who might have been bought by Comcast by the time Google Fiber rolls out. 

→ P.J. Hairston’s First Media Interview Since His Career at UNC Ended

P.J. has handled this whole situation like a pro.1 It is really too bad the NCAA came down on him so hard. I hope he ends up having a great pro career.

  1. Obviously, I mean after his activities this summer. 

→ New Trailers for Star Wars – Rebels

I have my fingers crossed that this is going to be good.

→ Yale Stewart is Doing a Superman Book

This is great news. I am happy Yale is getting recognition from DC Comics for the great work he has been doing with DC characters on JL81.

  1. Relatedly, if you are not reading JL8, clear the rest of your day, start from the beginning, and catch up. 

→ Note to North Carolina Tar Heels: Change student seating

C.L. Brown explains why Carolina should put students around the court:

While Carolina is contemplating renovations as the arena nears its 30th year of existence, it should look into making the students a permanent fixture in the lower tier, beyond just the risers behind the home basket.

There are roughly 14 mobile rows of seats that pull out from the base of the stands. Most, if not all, of that complete tier should be reserved for students – including the pep band – on all sides of the court.

The Heels don’t enjoy the home-court advantage it had while playing in Carmichael Auditorium, where they only lost 20 games from its December 1965 opening until moving to the Smith Center in January 1986.

Carolina already has lost three home games (Belmont, Texas, Miami) this season and has only gone unbeaten at home four times in 28 years. The Tar Heels have lost 62 games in 29 seasons playing in the Smith Center.

It’s time North Carolina made the Smith Center a tough trip for opponents without poor weather being a factor.

I completely agree. Carolina’s seating for students is ridiculous.

→ Blooper Reel from The Lego Movie

I used to love when Pixar would do these, so I am especially happy to see one from the Lego Movie.

Also, if you have not seen The Lego Movie yet, stop what you are doing and go see it. It is fantastic.

→ Menus for 2014 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Outdoor Kitchens Announced

It's going to take me some time to figure out if there is something I want to try.1

  1. Other than bacon cupcake, of course. 

→ Helpful Tweaks for Facebook’s new Paper App

These tweaks has made it pretty easy for me to replace the regular Facebook app with the new Paper interface. I am still getting used to the gestures, but I think I like it a lot more than the old app.

→ Red Letters for the Red Sox

The Red Sox are going back to the red letters on their away uniforms.1 I approve of this change.

  1. They had navy blue letters for the past few years. 

→ Disney Themed Cocktails

The Gaston one is the only one that I have any interest in.

→ New Carolina Starting Lineup Paying Dividends

Why does Roy always figure these things out just in time for the Clemson game?

→ Jonny Gomes has an enormous Red Sox World series tattoo


→ Everything is Awesome!

46 out of the 47 reviews of the Lego Movie tracked by Rotten Tomatoes are positive.

→ Shakin The Southland breaks down the 2014 Clemson Tiger Recruiting Class

I have never really followed recruiting that closely, but even I can appreciate Dr. B’s rundown of Clemson’s class.

→ I wish Mike Maihack had a full-length Batgirl and Supergirl Comic

His one page ones are always so great.

→ Rush the Court Evaluates Clemson’s NCAA Tournament Resume

This is about what I expected. Clemson is going to have to get one or two more upsets on its resume if it wants to be dancing in March.

→ Frozen Meet and Greet Now Opens at 9am

Now, instead of trying to line up at 10:30am for the 11:00m am entry, you can just go there directly at rope drop. Unfortunately, if you want to meet Anna and Elsa without having to wait 2 hours, you should plan on making them your first stop.