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→ The Lady Sif Set to Drop in on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hopefully, stunts like this will end up giving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the extra time it needs to develop its story and find an audience.

→ 24 miniseries adds Yvonne Strahovski

Casting Yvonne Strahovski is great way to get me back interested in a show I have missed multiple seasons of.1

  1. See, e.g., Dexter. 

→ New Steampunk-Inspired Maleficent Float coming to Festival of Fantasy Parade

The Disney Parks blog unveiled the awesome, steampunk inspired, Maleficent float that will be a part of the Festival of Fantasy parade. It looks looks really, really cool.

→ Spice Road Table to open on Saturday, January 11

It looks like the Spice Road table is going to be opening quite soon. The menu looks quite good1, and I bet it is going to be a great place to watch Illuminations.2

WDW Magic also has some pictures of the venue itself.

  1. I am particularly interested in the fried calamari and lamb sliders. 

  2. If you can get a spot, of course. 

→ The Top 5 Mistakes that Walt Disney World Guests Make

This list is spot on. As Dutch Lomborowski of Mighty Men of Mouse once said, “rope drop matters people!”

→ Inside the Magic has a First look at Festival of Fantasy parade floats arriving at Walt Disney World featuring “Tangled” and “Cinderella”

Really cool behind the scenes pictures of the new floats arriving. The Tangled float looks really awesome.

→ The Frozen Meet and Greet at the Norway Pavilion Extended until January 31st

The meet and greet was originally supposed to go through January 4th, but has now been extended to last until January 31st1.

For anyone who wants to meet Anna and Elsa, I highly recommend being in line at 10:30am (for the 11:00am meeting session.) The amount of people that can be admitted for a given session is very short, so if you miss this first session, it could be a very, very long wait.

  1. I would not be surprised if it was extended again, too. 

→ Previewing the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train

With the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride (hopefully) only a couple of months away, Nick at Theme Park Tourist has put together a nice preview of what to expect.

After all this time, I cannot be more excited to try this ride out.

→ Dan from Now I Know explains The Decoy Effect

An explanation of the “decoy effect”:

In 2007, the Washington Post covered a situation on which the above is based, postulated by a marketing professor from Duke University named Joel Huber. Professor Huber assembled two groups of people to test the effect of this seemingly irrelevant choice. The first of Huber’s groups were, like the example above, given two choices — the nearby 3-star restaurant and the further 5-star restaurant, and they split based on preference. Some, as above, wished a quicker fix to their hunger while others wanted a higher quality dining experience.

The members of the second group were given three choices, including the 4-star eatery much further away. What Huber found was that this logically irrelevant option was anything but. As the Post reported, “people now gravitated toward the five-star choice, since it was better and closer than the third candidate. (The three-star restaurant was closer, but not as good as the new candidate.)” And in a different test, when the second group was given a a two-star restaurant which was closer than the 5-star one but farther than the 3-star option, “many people now chose the three-star restaurant, because it beat the new option on convenience and quality. (The five-star restaurant outdid this third candidate on only one measure, quality.)” Basically: the obviously-lesser option made one of the “real” choices seem suddenly better.

Something to keep in mind next time I am trying to suggest where to eat.1

  1. I say while holding my 32GB iPhone. 

→ Murray Chass is keeping his Hall of Fame vote to spite Modern Baseball Writers

Classy guy.

→ Daisy Lauren Recaps New Year’s Eve at Epcot

Over at Touring Plans, Daisy Lauren gives an excellent recap (including photos and video) of what New Year’s Eve night is like at Epcot. If you are at all interested in seeing what the crowd levels are like on the busiest day of the year, than I highly recommend giving it a looks.