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Touring Plans Explores The Other Side of MagicBands

Daisy Lauren tells a story of what can happen when Magicbands do not work correctly:

> At Guest Relations it took nearly an hour to pull apart what had happened. When my family sent me an invitation and I accepted it, the system added me to the party of four in their rooms. Since the system didn’t understand I was an additional guest, it decided to replace my Mom and add all of my account information to her MagicBand. Apparently, this was a completely new situation to the Guest Relations cast at the Studios because it took nearly another hour to figure out how to get her a new MagicBand and then set them up with FastPass+ options for that evening.

I really debated staying on property to get Magicbands for an upcoming trip. Since I have not yet bought my tickets, however, I decided to stick with the paper Fastpass one last time. Stories like Daisy’s make me think I made the right call.