As the NC Comicon ramps up its ambitions, a challenger appears on the horizon

Brian Howe has an interesting story in *The Indy* about the feud between two North Carolina comic book stores:

> The organizers of NC Comicon felt threatened by what they saw as CBCC’s deliberate effort to undermine their attendance [by scheduling their convention so close to NC Comicon]. Meanwhile, the organizers of CBCC felt threatened by the noncompete clauses NC Comicon issued to their guests and vendors after hearing about the new convention.

It is disappointing to see two of the premiere stores in the state in the early stages of something could erupt into a feud. The comics industry should be large enough to support stores and conventions that are located over an hour apart.

Ultimately, neither side comes out looking particularly good in this story.[^f0015]

[^f0015]: Full disclosure: I am a long time customer of Ultimate Comics and consider its owner, Alan Gill, to be a friend.