The Tar Heel Blog Profiles James Michael McAdoo

> Presuming that [McAdoo] does find his way back to the power forward position, what can we expect? Well, Roy Williams is hoping to return to the larger lineups he typically runs; if none of last year’s players prove up to the task, freshman Kennedy Meeks almost certainly will. This should limit opposing double teams, which should increase his rebounding and scoring totals. Sadly, the exhibition game didn’t present much evidence that his biggest weakness has been overcome — poor dribbling in traffic, and the resulting turnovers. I’m hoping for quicker starts from the junior, however. He’ll continue to lead defensively, as his game never really relied on the type of defensive play the new rules are outlawing. And I expect the same number of open-floor steals and spectacular fast breaks as last season.

Aside from P.J., McAdoo’s development as a player is going to determine just how far Carolina goes this year. I am hoping that an off-season with a little less hype caused McAdoo to really focus on improving his offensive game.