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Harry Marks gives the 15 New Rules for Tech Journalism

Reading tech news would be so much better if everyone followed these rules from Mr. Marks. My favorites are:

> **3. The only numbers that matter are real ones.**

> Wall Street is an enigma wrapped in a poorly tailored suit and a tacky tie. Its reality is different from our own and yet, the made up numbers coming from analysts and traders matter more than the actual numbers being reported by companies. Apple made $37 billion last quarter, but fell short of The Street’s imaginary math? Amazon’s stock shot up on a billion dollar loss because it has “potential” it keeps failing to meet? Doesn’t matter anymore.

> All journalists must henceforth report the facts. Unless a company reports a loss or does not meet or beat last quarter’s numbers, the word “disappointing” should appear nowhere in an article, nor a headline.


> **10. No more article rewrites.**

> It’s habit for large sites like Business Insider and the Huffington Post to take an original story from somewhere else and repurpose it for their own publications. What’s easier than actual journalism? Rewriting someone else’s work.

> Unless there’s new information or a unique take on a story, leave the original piece where it is and provide a link.

Doing just a few of these would be a huge leap forward.