For Jacoby Ellsbury, it’s a career gone full-circle

Matt Collins at *Over the Monster* recounts Jacoby’s career with the Red Sox:

> When we look back at Ellsbury’s time in Boston, which will more likely than not be coming to an end very soon, the recollection will most likely be highlighted by injury issues. The speedster missed significant time in 2010 and 2012, playing in just 18 and 74 games in those seasons, respectively.

> …

> Now, his Red Sox career is likely coming to a close, and it’s happening in the same way it all got started. Unlike 2007, Ellsbury of course has spent the entire season in the majors, but the similarities are still there. Coming into 2007, everyone was excited by the potential of Jacoby Ellsbury, but nobody was totally sure on what they could expect from him. Coming into this 2013 season, the feelings surrounding Boston’s center fielder were very similar. In both seasons, he provided a big spark for a team that was statistically the best in the league for most of the season. And, of course, in both seasons he was a major part of a postseason run that ended in champagne showers in the clubhouse, and a parade through the streets of Boston.

Excellent piece by Collins. I am really going to miss Jacoby, but I also do not think he is worth what he is likely to get on the open market.