Craig Breslow Talks about HIs World Series Performance

Writing at his *WEEI* blog:

> At this point of the postseason, I feel like I have some work to do to get back to where I need to be. There’s not a specific adjustment to make so much as a need to catch my breath and get back to what has worked for six months. It’s not always easy, as these games can magnify problems given that the amplitude is increased, but with all of that in mind, I’m getting called upon to do a job and I didn’t do it.

> Certainly, it becomes a little bit easier to take a step back after a win like Game 4 than it was after Games 2 or 3. When you lose, you start to think about your performance and the way it contributed to a team loss. Here, I don’t have to worry about how it contributed to a team loss. I will consume myself with my personal performance and how to improve it, but most importantly, we won the game. I need to be better, and I’m confident that I will be, but the takeaway from Game 4 is that we moved one step, one win, closer to our ultimate goal. I could sleep last night knowing that.

I hope the Red Sox have a big enough lead that they can get Breslow some work. Anything less than 4 runs though, and I will be really, really nervous.