How April in Portland prepared Xander Bogaerts for the World Series

> The Sea Dogs had a game postponed this season due to the cold — an April contest when the field froze overnight and couldn’t thaw the next day in 35-degree temperatures. Bogaerts got off to a slow start in the cold in April, but it lasted only 10 games. After going 7-for-41 those first 10 games, Bogaerts hit .432 the rest of the month.

> That experience in Portland helped prepare Bogaerts for this time of year in Boston and St. Louis. The game-time temperature for Game Two of the World Series was 49 degrees — three degrees warmer than Opening Day at Hadlock Field. It’s supposed to be about 48 for the first pitch in St. Louis Saturday night.

The time in Maine definitely seems to have paid off. Bogearts has been raking during the series.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: Which has really stood out with the rest of the Sox hitting so poorly.