Breaking down a game-changing overturn of a blown call

> “It was my call. I stayed with the foot too long is how I ended up getting in trouble. When I was coming up, all I could see was a hand coming out and a ball on the ground,” said [second base umpire Dana] DeMuth. “I was focused on the bag and used my peripheral vision to see the ball go in heel or hit the glove. When the ball hit the glove, then in my peripheral vision, I’m looking up and the ball was down. … I was saying that he was in the exchange and he was out right there. Then with our crew signals, I had crewmates that were giving me the signal that they were 100 percent sure … that they had it and I had the wrong call.”

> “He looks up,” explained crew chief and home plate ump John Hirschbeck, “and he knows by having several umpires standing around him that we want to — there’s something there. We want to get it right.”

I was all ready to go on a rant about horrible MLB’s umpires have been this year. Thankfully, they got together and made sure they got the call right. I wonder how much better things would be for MLB’s umps if they did things like that more often.