→ Jonah Keri Explains why the Red Sox Will Win the World Series

I think Keri’s point about the Red Sox bench could end up being very important, especially in the games in St. Louis:

The Red Sox, on the other hand, can beat you with multiple weapons off the bench. Mike Carp was a monster this season, hitting .296/.362/.523 in part-time duty (.300/.367/.537 vs. righties). Middlebrooks offers major power in a reserve role, assuming Bogaerts starts. Quintin Berry is the next iteration of pinch-runner deluxe Dave Roberts, only faster, with 28 consecutive stolen bases without being caught to start his career (including the playoffs). I’d still probably rather see Daniel Nava in the lineup against right-handed starters than have Gomes — a useful player who is still not as good a hitter as Nava is against righties — in there. But if the Red Sox are going to carry a player who hit a sky-high .322/.411/.484 in nearly 400 plate appearances against righties as a bench guy, that only boosts their late-inning options, especially in games at St. Louis where they can pinch hit aggressively for the pitcher’s spot.